Madagascar and Poverty
In 1960, Madagascar, became an independent nation after the French colonial protectorate ended. After a short time the first republic government collapsed and was followed by alternating socialist regimes and other political groups. Following a "coup d'état" in 2009 the economy has continue to deteriorate. During the sixty years after independence it has become the fifth poorest nation (World Bank, Nov 2020). According the World Bank and I.M.F, Madagascar was ranking the fifth poorest nation in 2020 (World Bank 11/2020). Malagasy citizens live on $1/day. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the food supply and increased inflation.

Our Past Work in Madagascar
Since 1984, Mandehah conducted a project through 125 public and Lutheran schools in Madagascar. We used W.H.O method and technique to evaluate the criteria of tooth decay and periodontal disease. We studied the following components: Signs of D.M.F (Decay, Missing, Filling) in children < 5 years old. Our goal was to meet the W.H.O. target for dental health - to have no more than 3 DMF at 12 year old in 2000. Our research also analyzed food and nutrition practices of participants, socioeconomic status, composite social indicators, drinking water, health care expenditures, literacy level, and established specific efforts that could be the focus of improvements in Madagascar.

Since 1993, we have worked in the poorest rural area of the Vakinankaratra region. We have provided nutrition education and limited health care. In addition we focused on a mobile treatment for health and dental care.

Mandehah continues working  to diminish poverty and related health complications. We hope to improve life in communities with nutrition and health teams with the help of community development partners.

Our goal 2021-2025, we plan to implement 06 pilots communities centers nutritional recuperation, targeting approximately 12,500 children suffering from acute malnutrition. We will also provide dental care prevention and treatments, immunizations, clean water solutions, and economic development.