Madagascar is a paradise Island, rich a variety of biodiversity.
Our organization's purpose is to free Madagascar of grinding poverty.  "Mandehah" in Malagasy means " Going forward" or "moving to the right path".   We seek to improve access to clean water, adequate nutrition, dental health, and immunizations against illness in rural Madagascar.

Between 2021-2025 our goal is to provide community water resources, vaccinations, screening for tropical diseases, reduce the number of malnourished children age 5 and under. We will begin a dental health program in 2023 with the help of an international partner. We will provide dental screenings and treatments.

In 2022 we have provided vaccination clinics. Our next project will be a pilot program in the region of Vakinankaratra, where we will open basic nutrition centers. With the assistance of our health experts and locally employed community members. Our organization will identify high risk children and provide treatments for them for an eight week period. We will also provide immunization and dental care as needed.