•  10/19/1999 11:30 PM
  •   Madagascar

We continued our work focusing: maternal health, mother lactation, infant nutrition, dental prevention and emergency treatment in deep rural, especially our surgeon team did 1200 circumcisions. We provided assistance following the philosophy and triad of TSK: serving and supporting rural community. Give more information through education. Communication and stronger community support for people in the rural . We hope to eliminate the root causes of poverty in the community while identifying different methods to help people build a stable future.

  •  3/9/1994 08:00 PM - 12/18/1999 07:25 PM
  •   Vakinankaratra, Madagascar

We founded the Tsiky-Salama-Kanto which means Smiling Healthy Beautiful (T.S.K.). continues working on communities in the Vakinankaratra region. Our efforts during this period was to fight malnutrition. This project was conducted in partnership with Malagasy Government, World Bank, Japan Government, WFP, UNICEF. This project was a main part of the SECALINE 1 for Food Security and Nutrition .

  •  10/30/1984 12:00 AM
  •   Antsirabe, Madagascar

Our project focusing on dental prevention and periodontal disease at 110 Lutheran Schools on Madagascar. We gathered health data ; nutrition, dietary habits, dental hygiene practices and other characteristics of the regions where we implemented school pilots. This project was funded by contributions from the Worldwide Lutheran Church in Geneva.