Community Dental & Nutrition T.S.K.(Tsiky-Salama-Kanto:   Smiling-Healthy- Beauty)

1994-2002 We have two program components: 

Nutrition and medico-dental and project support for community.


1/ SECALINE: Nutrition Program Community (PCN). Under the Regional of Antananarivo, we are a partner with this project. I worked at 5 Fivondronana (districts) working with 6 NGO's,  T.S.K have  our  12 sites. This is one of  the first program  fighting the malnutrition in Africa.

Sponsors: WORLD BANK , UNICEF, JAPAN Gov, Malagasy Gov and WFP: Global results: Diminution measurable the rate of malnutrition at those children under 5-year-old. We serve daily 250 calories of supplement meal at the site. A community agent in charge at this site, an animator checks daily those sites in coordination of activity. During this phase 3: positive result toward this period decreasing the rate of malnutrition at Vakinankaratra Region a pilot region I Madagascar. Why this project was success? Because we support with more free actions: circumcision, medical examination, dental extraction, and prevention inside the community until the end of project. That is why all projects about “Fighting malnutrition” became successful in Madagascar from Secaline I till now. Medical and dental project play major roles in our works. We emphasize “Dental prevention”, because Dental treatment needs more equipment and a lot of steps to build mobile dental clinic. We never give up the  of communities in deep rural area, where there is no Doctor and Dentist. We pursuit our combat for the sensibilization in using our system (I.E.C) Information-Education-Communication at all level: Schools, communities' area, churches, youth centers, sport center. Team T.S.K:   Our multidisciplinary team had 28 members.

FINANCIAL Phase I: The LWF finance 99% of financial (Logistic, communication, technical by SALFA) but F.L.F (Malagasy Lutheran Communication) manage the budget. Later in 1989, sponsor ended financial support. Phase 2. 1989. Suspension financial was ended, we do not know any reasons.
Phase 3: World Bank, Japan Gov, UNICEF, Malagasy Govt. T.S.K was partner with Malagasy Govt. World Bank was the 1 sponsor. Phase 4: T.S.K. was an Organization Non-Governmental founded by many peoples having the same Ideology, principles, philosophy to eradicate the poverty and helping poor community to have a well-being life in future to access a better system of: Health, education, jobs, clean environment, food and nutrition, and clean drinking water. We are auto sponsor. OUTCOME: Phase 1: 1.1 we collected data: fluctuation of global oral diseases and common health issue view at individual and group community seen each school, each region. Another side, we focus on: Nutrition, food habit, calorie content, frequency taking per meal. Climate existing, where people live.